The following steps create a backup of a running wikibase for future reinstall of that concents of that wikibase on the moment these commands run.

Make a copy of the database

Backing up with mysqldump

docker exec wikibase-docker_mysql_1 mysqldump -u wikiuser -psqlpass my_wiki > backup.sql

For -psqlpass you should replace sqlpass with the password; for example, if the password were rbak9jf9adn4, then -psqlpass would become -prbak9jf9adn4. In the default example docker-compose.yml file (or the .env file) the database password sqlpass is set at two locations as DB_PASS and as MYSQL_PASSWORD. The database user given for -u is set as DB_USER and as MYSQL_USER. The name of the database my_wiki is set as DB_NAME and MYSQL_DATABASE.


To restore backup, either run the following command on either the existing wikibase instance, or on a new - empty - wikibase instance.

docker exec wikibase-docker_mysql_1 mysql -u wikiuser -psqlpass my_wiki < backup.sql

Backup of blazegraph

mysqldump won’t dump the contents of blazegraph, and you will have to reload, but you can also take a copy of the data.jnl file to avoid needing to do that

Locating data.jnl

Data.jnl is created automatically and not set by the docker-compose.yml file. It can be located using the following command

sudo find / -iname data.jnl

If multiple wikibase run on the same machine, multiple locations will be reported. Make a copy of the relavant data.jnl file, together with the backup.sql.